Conference Request Guidelines & Requirements


Any submitted Conference Requests that do not adhere to the guidelines and requirements stated below will be immediately disqualified from consideration by the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.



  • Requesting funding for travel is a process of logistics, research, and communication.
  • Only strategically planned, well-researched, and professionally-presented requests will be approved.
  • Think and communicate logistically. Lay out your plan. (What is your itinerary? How will you get from the airport, to your hotel, to the conference, back to your hotel, back to the conference, back to your hotel, and finally back to airport? What are the related costs? How much is a taxi for X-number of trips compared with the cost of public transportation? How many trips back and forth? Think: Point-A to Point-B to Point-C, and then back again...)
  • It is your responsibility to communicate clearly through 1) your written request and uploaded documentation, 2) your research and the fiscal accuracy of your request, and 3) the quality and clarity your presentation.


1. Thoroughly research all travel and lodging options, including fees, taxes and costs associated with the conference..

2. Submit conference request online via SAFAC’s OrgSync page/Budgets by adding a New Budget.

3. Present your conference request in-person at next open SAFAC meeting. Feel free to use handouts, PowerPoints, online presentation software, etc.

4. Within seven (7) days of your presentation, you will receive an Approved/Rejected response from SAFAC via your Metro State email.

5. If Approved, contact Phil Fuehrer in Student Life and Leadership Development to take the next steps.


  • Request MUST be submitted online via OrgSync.com a minimum of two (2) days before presentation.
  • Requests must be made a minimum ten (10) weeks before the first day of conference.
  • Request must include a conference attendee list with the following information for each attendee:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student ID
    • Declared Major/Minor
  • Request must include a full description of the conference (Flyers, webpages, agenda/itinerary/schedule are acceptable).
  • All conference attendees must be present at time of Request or risk immediate disqualification from attending the conference.
  • Students must supply a copy of request for each voting SAFAC member (minimum 7 copies). To do this, EXPORT a copy of your request once it has been submitted.



  1. Students are limited to one (1) out-of-state conference per year they have attended Metropolitan State University.
  2. Students are expected to pay for all expenses that are unrelated/unnecessary for the attendance of the conference. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Transportation (with the exception for taxis/transportation to-and-from the conference as needed and to-and-from the hotel and airport).
    • All costs related to baggage and baggage check-in.
  3. Limit on conference registration of $500.00 per student.
  4. Limit on flight/airline ticket of $500.00 per student.
    • As per Metropolitan State University vendor contracts, all purchase orders for flights must use University Travel Services. Prices are subject to change. Student is responsible for any price discrepancy between the SAFAC-approved amount and final cost of the flight.
    • Students have the option of pre-paying for their own flight and requesting reimbursement. Reimbursement is limited to dollar amount approved in conference request.
  5. Funding for food is by reimbursement ONLY. Maximum meal allowance is equal to current state caps on per diem (currently $42.00/day).  As you will eat whether you attend the conference or not, SAFAC considers, but does not guarantee reimbursement meals.
  6. Out-of-State conference requests must be submitted ten (10) weeks prior to the opening day of the conference and must be presented in-person by all conference attendees at the following open SAFAC meeting.
  7. Any Conference Requests greater than $2,999.99 will first reviewed by SAFAC. If SAFAC approves of the request,  SAFAC must then present its decision to the Student Senate of Metropolitan State University  for final approval.  The Student Senate makes the final decision  for Conference requests over $2999.99.



Transportation: Have you considered ALL of your options?

  • Personal transportation with mileage reimbursement
  • Renting a vehicle
  • Megabus
  • Amtrak
  • Air Travel

Lodging: SAFAC understands the benefits of lodging at or very near the conference location. However, due to budget constraints, this may not always be possible. Have you considered:

  • Staying with friends or relatives (Free!)
  • A discounted hotel (Motel 6, for example)
  • Residence conference centers (kitchens possible, reduces dining/food costs)
  • Conference & College Intern housing programs
  • Weekly home rentals (off-season discounts)


During your presentation, please be ready to communicate the research you have done to minimize the cost of the conference to the student body.

Again, the more information you have, the better.



I have reviewed all of the required information, I have done my research and I am ready to submit my request!





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