Conference Requests


Students and student organizations who wish to attend in-state and out-of-state conferences that are related to their major may submit a request to SAFAC.

If you would like to request financial assistance for an upcoming conference, please review ALL the required documentation below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Conference Requests: View the Step-by-Step Process


Conference Request Instructions, Guidelines, & Requirements (PDF)


IMPORTANT: Review this Example

This is an actual Conference Request submitted by two Metropolitan State University students for attending the National PRSSA Convention held in San Francisco in October of 2012. (Used with permission)

It includes:

  • A Rationale and Accountability Statement
  • Three (3) travel options/scenarios 
  • All related costs for each separate scenario
  • All logistics (distance, University Travel quotes, different flight times for each scenario
  • Links where the students found their price quotes
  • How they cut costs


Their presentation featured a PowerPoint that included quotes from past attendees, images of the conference location and hotel, as well as recommendations from their professors and advisors.

Their proposal and presentation were professional, exceptional, and are exactly what SAFAC is looking for!  Well done!


The following is an example of an article written by attendees of a different conference. The students were members of TC3, a Metro State student organization. The article was published in The Metropolitan.



I have read this information in its entirety. Show me the process and guidelines for what I need to do!




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