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Students will being using their student IDs to access the parking ramp on November 11th! 

To obtain the student ID card there are a few locations. The circulation desk located on 2nd floor of the library at the Saint Paul campus and Gateway (you will first need to fill out a form).

There are still 1100 students at Metropolitan State University that has not obtained their ID. Please help spread the word! 

The picture below is an example of how the new student ID should look like. It obtains a chip in the card to access the ramp. Remember to bring your ID with you everyday!


Here is the message received in regards to handicap buttons on the ramp to access the elevators on floors 2-5 :

"The doors in question are the interior doors that enter into the elevator lobby on levels 2-5.  These lobbies are required by fire code.  The doors have handles that are mounted at a height of 47 ¾ inches.  The maximum height allowed for a door handle under ADA standards is 48 inches. So the current height meet code.  During the punch list inspection, we noted that the handles were mounted higher than hardware on other doors that were mounted at 41+ inches.  We believe the height of the elevator lobby doors should be at the 41+inch  height as well.  This remains an open item with the contractor with an outcome to be determined.

As for power actuators on the doors for levels 2 through 4 (there are no handicap stalls on level 5), none are required for ADA purposes and were not part of the design.  Initially, these doors were out compliance with ADA standards due to the force needed to open them.  We adjusted that force to the ADA setting and are monitoring the doors. 

I think that if we can get the handles lowered some of the concerns about the door operation will cease. "

Thank you,

MaiBlia Pha, Student Senate Public Relations Director


(Updated: 10/29/2015)


A message from the Student Senate President:

Dear Students,

            We, the Student Senate, have heard your concerns and voices on the parking fee implemented this semester. The fee is $12 per credit. The ramp was built with Revenue Bonds; therefore, we, the University, must generate revenue to pay the bond. The ramp had to be built, according to the city of Saint Paul, for the University to expand and grow. This means without the ramp we would not be able to build the Science Education Center (opens in Jan. 2016), the Student Center (opens Nov. 2015), or any future buildings.

            Currently, all students pay $12 per credit; the fee is built into your tuition. Several of you have voiced concerns with the fee through email, phone, in person, Gateway, social media, and so on. I want you to know we hear you. We are taking the situation seriously and working on it.

            The Financial Affairs Committee under the Student Senate is working on calculating exemptions. We are exploring the possibility of providing a parking fee exemption to some categories of students. However, it is important to recognize that offering exemptions means the per credit fee for non-exempt students would need to be increased, as we must generate sufficient revenue to cover the cost of the ramp. Once these figures are calculated, we will send a survey to all students, to gather feedback on exemptions you would support and a proposed fee. Based on these results, we will vote on a fee to recommend to the Metropolitan State University administration. They will then send their recommendation to MnSCU for approval to make a change beginning fall semester 2016. No changes in the fee can be made until next fiscal year beginning fall 2016 per MnSCU policy.

            We want you to be involved. Our meetings are open. Our committees have two student seats, meaning non-senate students can sit on the committee and VOTE. Non-voting members can still attend and participate in discussion. We will be having tabling sessions and information sessions about parking. These sessions will be another avenue to have your voices heard during the process.

            If you have further questions, concerns, information, etc., please email us at student.senate@metrostate.edu or call us at 651-793-1302.

Thank you,

Amber Hamm, Student Senate President

(Updated: 10/15/15)

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