The Student Senate Logo


New Student Senate Logo 2013

The Student Senate Logo (est. January 2013)




The work of re-branding the Student Senate of Metropolitan State University was begun in the final months of the 2011-2012 school year with the inception of the Student Senate Identity Committee.  The committee was charged with re-writing the senate's mission and vision statements, as well as designing a new logo. Over the following nine months, the committee met, wrote, and presented their work to the senate.   The final step, the creation of a new senate logo (seen above) was completed in January 2013.   


Logo Concepts 


Circle, Metropolitan State University in text

Representative of:

  • The intended realm of governance of this student senate.  
  • While the realm of governance remains within the boundaries of Metropolitan State University, the circle also represents the globe of the planet, reminding us that 1) we are but a very small part of a larger whole and 2) we must conduct ourselves not only as representatives of Metropolitan State University, but to be mindful of our actions as global citizens


Image of New Main

Granted permission by the University for student senate use, the symbol of New Main recognizes Student Senate as the governing organization representing and connecting the student body with staff, faculty and administration of Metropolitan State University 


Olive branches

Representative of peace, collaboration and open communication with students and University administration  


Student Senate in largest font

Clearly identifies the logo as representing the Student Senate of Metropolitan State University 


Sash, with the text Student Senate within its boundaries

Representative of the need for the fluidity and flexibility required for successful decision-making, collaboration, and representation


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